Great brands are born in moments of sudden inspiration. Gravity Check®  had its eureka moment when founder Ofer Raz, an avid roadie, found himself sitting with friends during another après-ride recap following another long day’s journey. He looked around the table at his riding mates and noticed that, as always, all had shed their cycling clothes in favor of comfortable, casual wear.

What struck him as hard as a bad fall after a tricky turn was the fact that everyone was wearing something that represented a different sport – from surfer’s T-shirts to yachtsman polos, soccer shorts to ski hats. Symbols of the grace and glory of other people’s games, but nothing – not even a hint – of “the ride.” Because it simply did not exist.

Many long miles and longer conversations later, Gravity Check®  was born – a labor of love launched by entrepreneurial cycling junkies who are all unashamedly addicted to bringing the ride to everyday lifestyle apparel. The dedicated Gravity Check team includes professional cyclists and weekend warriors, as well as talented design, logistics and manufacturing professionals with proven equity in the world of fashion.

Together, the team has created a world-class apparel brand inspired by the thrill and joy of cycling culture and fully integrated it into the cycle of everyday life. Gravity Check strives to be an eminently wearable expression of our unique riding identity – one that captures the excitement, enthusiasm and passion we all feel every day as part of an ever-growing global tribe.


Gravity Check currently maintains offices and a showrooms in Tel Aviv and in Cologne,  Germany‬‏. The company benefits from the support of an established group of investors who recognize its vast potential impact and are committed to helping Gravity Check achieve its global expansion goals.