At Gravity Check® , we recognize cycling-focused retailers as our natural business partners in helping to launch the après-ride apparel experience into the world through the auspices of our primary target audience – devoted mountain bikers and roadies. The same clientele who frequent your professional shops in search of a new bike, riding clothes and accessories – or for a quick mechanical repair or consultation – are the ideal early adapters of the Gravity Check™ brand. Your customers will eagerly look beyond the gear and gadgets and gravitate to an attractively-designed chic stand in your shop that announces the arrival of the world’s first casual wear brand to celebrate the DNA of the riding lifestyle.

The trend of bringing sports culture to the everyday off-the-field apparel experience is, after all, nothing new; everyone recognizes the significant role that sports-inspired, casual wear brands maintain in today’s retail market. Gravity Check®  is the first brand to answer the call in the cycling segment – arguably one of the fastest growing sport segments in the world today.

Professional cycling retailers & distributors who partner with Gravity Check can look forward to:

  • Expanding and diversifying the inventory mix
  • Bringing a new product category to the world: Après-Ride Apparel
  • Merging the professional sports shop with the fashion world
  • Maximizing the use of their available space in generating new revenue
  • Increasing turnover
  • Diversifying their audience profile beyond the serious/professional cyclist
  • Re-energizing the POS with style, chic and elegance
  • Creating a more complete consumer experience that fully embraces the cycling lifestyle
  • Driving renewed customer visits by presenting new and exciting seasonal collections

We believe that more than mere opportunity, Gravity Check represents a genuine watershed event in pushing the cycling world forward. We invite you to take part in it. Contact us