Very few things engender passion and a sense of belonging to a tribe more than engaging in competitive sports. So it’s only natural for sports and fashion to intertwine. The borders between “play time” and “life time” overlap and dissolve; you are what you play. That’s why the symbols of the game tend to translate so convincingly from the playing field to the street in the form of casual urban wear.


We’ve seen it time and again: the golf polo and yachting shirt that have become staples of the elegant leisure wardrobe; the explosion of streetwise, surfer-influenced T-shirts, Bermuda shorts and flip-flops favored by the young (and the young at heart); the colorful winter apparel that adorn the avid skier on the way to work, miles away from the slopes but still very much there. It’s a way of establishing an identity that says “this is the tribe that I belong to and want to be identified with. This is who I really am.”

But while our urban landscapes overflow with symbolic fashion adaptations of virtually every branch of sport, there is one that has been glaringly absent: Cycling.


As a roadie or mountain biker, you’re proud to be part of one of the fastest growing tribes in the world of sports whose mounting popularity has been nothing short of remarkable in recent years – and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. And yet, until now, manufacturers in the cycling ecosystem have focused exclusively on designing space-age riding clothes and helmets, or creating innovative support gear and accessories. But, what about the après-ride experience? Well, it’s here in a big way with Gravity Check’s cycling lifestyle apparel for men and women.